Dance is a natural and powerful method of learning. This creative art can help young children and teenagers mature physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.

Physical Development

Dance uses the entire body when moving and involves a great range of motion, coordination and kinesthetic memory. Dance keeps the body and brain active and offers ways to improve strength and flexibility. Dance gives children and teenagers a chance to learn about their bodies, improving posture and balance.

Emotional Maturity

Dance gives the opportunity to express emotions through creative movement. The dance studio is a safe environment where physical release is encouraged, whilst gaining awareness of oneself and others. Dance promotes a positive psychological health and maturity- increasing confidence and reducing stress.

Social Awareness

Being present in dance class helps build vital communication skills and offers an insight into other cultures. Through teamwork and cooperation children and teenagers can begin to understand themselves in relation to others. Dance fosters social encounter and interaction.

Cognitive Development

Dance enables young children to create movement spontaneously when presented with ideas or problems. Movement provides the cognitive loop between the idea or problem and the solution.