Dancique is an amazing dance studio! Tiffany is a beautiful person, this shows in how the school is run. The teachers are kind, caring and nurturing. The standard of teaching is high. As well as providing a lovely environment to dance, Dancique have also given my daughter the opportunity to grow as a dancer in many different styles through troupes and solo competitions. The concert was the most well organized and entertaining children’s dance concert I have ever attended. Dancique is definitely worth a try if looking for a dance studio for your child.Junior School Parent 2020
Dancique School of Dance came recommended to us four years ago and sending our daughter here was the best decision we made! Tiffany brings the perfect amount of discipline and energy to motivate her dancers. She and her crew do an amazing job and are great with the kids and my daughter has learned so much during her time at Dancique. Tiffany is professional, organised and truly devoted to her dance studio and its success, which leads to success for all who participate. This is evident in Dancique’s end of year concerts. I highly recommend Dancique School of Dance.Junior School Parent 2020
My daughter has never been so happy at a dance school. The teachers are warm and welcoming and positive. Tiffany the director is the ultimate professional, warm, organised, present, supportive and passionate. How lucky are we to have Dancique as our local Dance School.Junior School Parent 2020
My daughters have been dancing with Dancique since kindergarten. Miss Tiffany and her team have done a wonderful job at teaching my girls technique as well as a love and passion for dance. Between them they do 7 classes a week and they can’t get enough. I cried at the end of year concert seeing how far they had come. We are so blessed to be apart of this wonderful dance family.Junior School Parent 2020
Tiffany has created a lovely culture at Dancique. The teachers are professional, energetic, nurturing and supportive. My daughter has been with Dancique since its inception and her classes are her favourite part of the week.Junior School Parent 2020
I have three daughters and they have been dancing here for the last 5 years. It is such a supportive and happy environment. All of the teachers are positive and fun, yet challenge the girls to work hard and be the best dancers they can be. Tiffany is amazing – so organised and professional – and always goes out of her way to make the girls and parents feel comfortable. Dancique goes above and beyond to make their students into strong, confident and happy dancers. You can see this at the end of year concerts that are filled with incredible energy and enthusiasm. I would highly recommend this dance school!!Junior School Parent 2019
We have been a part of Dancique School of Dance since it opened over 5 years ago. My girls get professional teaching in a range of dance styles in a positive environment. All ages and all skill levels welcome. If you have been thinking about dance classes for your kids, I highly recommend giving Dancique a go!Senior School Parent 2018
My daughter has been dancing here for the last 3 years. She has had such a positive time with this dance school and her dance skills have grown so much within this time.
The teachers are amazing and always very encouraging to all the dance students.Senior School Parent 2018
Tiffany runs a wonderful school with her team of teachers. My daughter has been going to classes for many years now including jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and now performance troupe. She loves it and it looks like she will continue with it for much of high school. She receives so much support as the environment is safe and encouraging. My daughter’s confidence has grown plus she appreciates the discipline that is required in order to improve. Well done Dancique and Tiffany! Eternally grateful.Senior School Parent 2018
We just wanted to say how wonderful the dance concert was last night. We have been to a few over the years with various dance schools and we have never seen anything so professionally put together and well choreographed… I will most definitely be re-enrolling the girls for next year and look forward to another amazing show Thanks you for all your hard work.Junior School Parent 2017
I wanted to take a minute and just say thanks. We attended the Dancique concert on Thursday night. It was absolutely spectacular. Every single performance was spectacular, every bit of choreography terrific, costumes amazing and of course the music and lights just added to it. It’s tremendous to see the love you have for Dance and your students coming through the entire performance. Cannot wait to see the next one. Take care and thank you so much once again.Junior School Parent 2017

Dear Tiffany, What a fantastic concert!… Each year it just keeps getting better and better. You must feel so proud. I thought all the routines were great. I particularly love the performance dance troupes final dance, senior lyrical and of course the three dances my girls were in… They had a lovely year dancing with Dancique. Thank you! Both sets of grandparents came to watch the girls tonight. Two of them had never seen them dance on stage, (only in the garden and around the house)…When was announced as receiving the Pre-Senior Most Improved you wouldn’t have seen a more prouder group of family members anywhere let alone in row F. We were all thrilled. Well done on a huge year and a very big THANK YOU!Junior & Senior School Parent 2017
Thank you for choosing my daughter for your senior award this year. I know she has worked hard and has earned it but there are a lot of lovely hard working dancers… Also I wanted to thank you for being so positive and encouraging… I can only say that your hard working but supportive, respectful and uplifting approach to all your girls has gone a long way… Looking at the photo of your whole dance school its grown so much, its a testament to the person you are…Senior School Parent 2017
Dear Tiffany & Amy, I just wanted to thank you both for all the time & effort you put into your dance classes every week and for your real commitment and dedication to your students. My girls love all their dance classes – Dancique is the highlight of their week! You have both not only taught my girls new dance styles & techniques, but also encouraged them to try their best & challenge themselves, whilst still having heaps of fun :) Your support & dedication is greatly appreciated.
Congratulations Dancique on such a successful dance studio.Junior & Senior School Parent 2016
Dear Tiffany, Thank you to you and all the Dancique girls!  Your hard work, patience and enthusiasm throughout the year is very much appreciated. Hannah is enjoying her weekly Jazz and Ballet class and is already looking forward to being on stage again at the end of year performance. Looking forward to another great year of dance in 2016!Junior School Parent 2016
My daughter joined Dancique partway through the year. She had limited dance experience but was embraced by Tiffany and all of the girls. Her confidence has grown and her inclusion in the end of year performance was a definite highlight. The show was fantastic and a true credit to Tiffany and her team. We can’t wait to start the new year!Senior School Parent 2016
Miss Tiffany you have outdone yourself with an absolutely fabulous concert- schmick, entrancing, bright, clean, fluid, soft, lovely – you really did those girls not just justice – but you brought out their best – thank you so much for teaching Emma these past two years. See you next week – and next year too.Junior School Parent 2015
Thanks for another terrific term of dance, it’s a really fun part of my daughter’s week where she loves it passionately and puts her heart into it, without the academic or sporting competition aspect. For us, that’s perfect. Thank you.Junior School Parent 2015
Dear Tiffany, Just a very big thank you for all your help and support with Caitlin during her time at Dancique. She has really enjoyed your classes and had a fantastic time. You are so good with the kids and always greeting them with a lovely smile.Junior School Parent 2014
Our year 9 daughter is thoroughly enjoying her classes and often dances around the kitchen and house showing us her new routines she has learnt. I love the fact there are girls from various year groups forming new friendships and above all she is having fun in a wonderful creative outlet.

Classes finishing at 5:30pm is so sensible and greatly appreciated, as many dance schools often don’t finish until 8:30 – 9pm, which I feel as a mother is way too late to accomodate school work and for a young girl to be well rested in general. Thank you for commencing dance classes and I look forward to hearing the continued growth of Dancique.Senior School Parent 2014

My Daughter has absolutely loved being in your classes and speaks very highly of you as a dance teacher to friends and family… I think your classes and how you conduct the lessons are wonderful… Thank you so much Tiffany for your support and encouragement, I really can’t speak highly enough of you and hope many more parents enrol their daughters in your classes.Senior School Parent 2014
I had to giggle at Alexandra’s ‘swagger’ with her hips. Absolutely gorgeous. She loved the class and was very excited about getting the uniform for the next class.Junior School Parent 2013